​​​​As we begin our new fiscal year, we have made some changes to our SUD Program. Our classes are open to all clients on a continuous bases. This program is free, if you are enrolled in any of our other programs, such as: Anger Management, Domestic Violence Education for victims, Parenting Education and 52-Week Court Mandated Child Abusers Treatment Program.


If you only want to attend this 10-week program, the fee is $25 per person (Fee waivers are provided on an individual basis). To view our 10-week curriculum, please click here.

Classes are held on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday late afternoons. Individual and family counseling is by appointment only and is part of the 10-week curriculum program.


All group classes; individual and family counseling sessions are held at our main office in Los Angeles, CA 90062. For our exact location or additional information/interest, please contact us by submitting our 'CONTACT US' form or calling our office at (323) 291-2525.