Stories from Our Clients

Case Manager/Advocate, Ms. Daisy Sanchez, facilitating one of our Parenting classes.

Please note that due to our confidentiality policy we are unable to reveal any clients' name.

To whom it may concern, 

My past: 12 hours a day, 4 days a month, 2 hours a visit, supervised visitation by my mother. 

I'd like to first thank you all for your time and efforts into assisting me on receiving the certificate of completion for both Anger Management + Parenting/life skills. Over the 30 hours total that I've spent taking the courses required on my days off from work, I was able to practice what I learned during my visitation time with my son. During the last 15 hours of my visitation with my son before our court date, the relationship between my son's mother and I greatly improved from communication, understanding, patience and consistency in practicing what I've learned. My son's behavior also improved from acting out to behaving.  Bonding with my son much further as the days passed he continues to learn living with me and learning his second homes' new rules. 

On February 19th, 2019, at 7:30 am I sat in the court hall awaiting my appointment with my son's mother sitting next to me. I was feeling confident that it would go well and when our time came I was extremely fortunate to have sat in front of an understanding judge. My letter of completion and certificates helped the judge understand and approved my case. 

In conclusion, after the judge questioned my son's mother, the tables were turned even better. Shortly after, in March 2019, my garnishments vanished. I was finally able to breathe and live a little more comfortably as the work days went by.

My present: the judge dropped my restraining order and granted me more time with my son: 8 hours a day on my days off (3 days a week) and one-on-one time with my son without any supervision. With the relationship I have with my now girlfriend, I get to spend more time with my family together, after work when possible. 

That's it! thank you once again for the lessons you all have taught me that helped reshape my life around for the better. I hope my life's timeline inspires others to improve themselves and to have faith, consistency and work hard to reach their goal. 

PPMI Client

I came to PPMI in hopes of learning how to become a better father for my one-year old son. Something that I struggle with is my tone because my voice is deep and I feel that I am intimidating to my son. I have only been at PPMI for one week, but the staff has really been helpful and nice. One of the reasons I chose to come to this agency was because of the schedule and it's not too far from home. You can't beat $10.00 a class, either!

PPMI Client

Your services have improved my life by teaching me the proper life skills in order to live a healthy and positive life. I was struggling with substance abuse, domestic violence and anger. PPMI has helped me understand myself and point me in the right direction. They also have helped me gain confidence and learn how to be responsible. PPMI has impacted me by bringing positive energy into my life. I chose PPMI because it was the closet agency to me and I knew I needed help. These classes are worth the money because the professionals can help you with your lifestyle.

PPMI Client

The services I am receiving at PPMI are molding me to become a better parent. Things that I didn't know that I was afraid of, I've learned that it's okay or I'm learning to change my habits whether good or bad. Before this program I was a victim of D.V. for quite some years, and living in such a negative environment I didn't realize it was hurting my children. PPMI has shown me that even when I feel I'm a bad parent, this course is making me better for the health of my children. I was referred through El Nido, who gave me many referrals, but the main reasons I chose PPMI was because of the price and most definitely the schedule. The classes are worth the fee. I mean our kids are being watched while class is in session. That's a plus!

PPMI Client

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