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Stories from Our Clients

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Case Manager/Advocate, Ms. Daisy Sanchez, facilitating one of our Parenting classes.

Please note that due to our confidentiality policy we are unable to reveal any clients' name.

To Whom It May Concern, 

Your services have improved my life by teaching me the proper life skills in order to live a healthy and positive life. I was struggling with substance abuse, domestic violence and anger. PPMI has helped me understand myself and point me in the right direction. They also have helped me gain confidence and learn how to be responsible. PPMI has impacted me by bringing positive energy into my life. I chose PPMI because it was the closet agency to me and I knew I needed help. These classes are worth the money because the professionals can help you with your lifestyle.

PPMI Client (A.C.)

The services I am receiving at PPMI are molding me to become a better parent. Things that I didn't know that I was afraid of, I've learned that it's okay or I'm learning to change my habits whether good or bad. Before this program I was a victim of D.V. for quite some years, and living in such a negative environment I didn't realize it was hurting my children. PPMI has shown me that even when I feel I'm a bad parent, this course is making me better for the health of my children. I was referred through El Nido, who gave me many referrals, but the main reasons I chose PPMI was because of the price and most definitely the schedule. The classes are worth the fee. I mean our kids are being watched while class is in session. That's a plus!

PPMI Client

I really and truly appreciate everything you and Project: PeacceMakers have given and taught me. The love is so real and I can't ask for a better program to learn and grow with. Erica kept telling me not to settle, for any type of housing when I was ready to give up, but God was truly on time. I couldn't wait to tell everyone because you all have been one of my biggest supporters. I love you guys and I am humbled and blessed to have met each and every one of you. Thank you so much.


PPMI Client (J.L.)

To Project: PeaceMakers and my educator, I would like to thank the program and her. I enjoyed weekly conference homework; video watching, such as: learning the signs of an abuser; explaining my situation; listening to other men and women trying to find our way out of an abusive relationships and staying out; knowing we are the most important person on earth and that we must first take care of ourselves and learning to say "No," running from unsafe conversation.

I learned lots of meanings to an abusive relationship, but these few words have stuck with me, they are: isolation, brainwash, belittling, degrading, one-minute happy, next minute  rage. I want people like me to no there is a way out: you must know you are worth more. You deserve respect and caring communication without hurting each other. Project: PeaceMaker is a great place to know the most important person is yourself. Grab your children and family members on positive things do not tolerate negative activities in your life then the peace will come, and the abuser will leave because you decided to keep that person away. You deserve better.

Thank you, again, Survivor

PS. But STILL working on myself!



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